Downrite Drilling Ltd. Services

At Downrite Drilling Ltd, we take care to provide our clients high quality geotechnical and environmental drilling services personalized for their unique site requirements.

Our Drill Rigs Include:

  • Auger Truck Drill
  • Auger Track Drills
  • Low Clearance/Limited Access Drill
  • Sonic Drills
  • Odex available with all rigs

Our Testing Services Include:

  • CPT (Cone Penetration Test)
  • DCPT
  • Vane Testing
  • Shelby Tubes
  • Vapor Probe Installations
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Slope Indicators
  • Percolation Testing
  • Soil Remediation
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer
  • Sub-slab Vapor Installation
  • Archeological Drilling
  • Dewatering Wells
  • Injection Wells

Hollow-stem Auger

This method is used to give you a cased drill hole without the use of drilling fluids. This is a superb way to SPT samples for there is no caving in of the drill hole. Sample wells are also installed through the hollow stem to permit the placing of sand or pea-gravel and bentonite at strategic levels.

Continuous Flight Augering

In Geotechnical research, it is always important to acquire an accurate profile of the soil. To obtain the necessary information for such a profile, a corkscrew method of five to ten foot bites is used to display all soil including any low bearing layers such as peat or organic silts. This procedure provides a near perfect sample of the soil content. Our auger is kept in good condition and checked regularly for damage. Tough drilling causes wear and this is charged to our clients on a per unit basis when this occurs. Drilling depth should be noted when ordering a drill unit so we can reach your goal if conditions determine this. We have reached depths of 150 ft. with standard auger. Also available is a carbide bit which rapidly carves a hole seven inches in diameter through asphalt and most concrete surfaces.

Environmental Drilling

downrite-drilling-chilliwack-about-3In the past several years environmental drilling has played an important role in the drilling industry.

We at Downrite Drilling are ready and able to take on these jobs for you. We have been involved in a large number of these programs. We have the proper equipment and supplies to completely fill  your needs, including steam cleaners, large SPT’s, drums, etc.

If you have any questions concerning prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help find the best solutions for you.