About Downrite Drilling Ltd.

The company began with a young and energetic entrepreneur, Bill Tuytel.

Bill first spent 7 years for SDS Drilling in Alberta as well as in BC, learning everything he could about soils and the industry before starting up his own drilling business. His experience included the pre- drilling for the Alex Fraser Bridge, Expo 86 construction like Science World and Canada Place and as well the associated sky train projects at that time. He also did a major part of the drilling in the mountainous terrain for the then new Coquihalla Highway project.

When at just 26 years of age he felt he wanted to start on his own and thought of the name Downrite Drilling which is still going strong today.

It took two years to initiate the business into full production. Bill purchased a 1980 Bombardier and built his first Auger rig on that carrier. He began drilling for clients across the lower mainland and soon gained a reputation for his knowledge, dependability, and dedicated crew members.

Downrite Drilling continued to grow and in 2000 Bill added two more rigs to the company including a Truck Auger drill and a new tracked Auger Rig. He later purchased a Sonic Drill Rig to meet the high demand in the Environmental drilling industry. A second Sonic Drill Rig has been added to the fleet as well as a Low Clearance Rig in 2016.

Downrite Drilling continues to meet and exceed expectations in the drilling industry with their expertise and safety which is highly sought after by professionals in the industry.

Outside of the business Bill is also very involved in the BC Ground Water Association and has just finished his two year term as Association President.

He is also part of the team that has worked with the Ministry of Environment and ITA to organize and set up a Geo/Enviro drillers course to qualify young drillers wishing to further pursue the industry.