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Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Rates For The Lower Mainland

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Track Mounted Auger Drill (Bombardier) Rates

Description Unit Rate
Drilling first 8 hours Per Hour (up to 8 hours) $
Drilling over 8 hours Per Hour +
Night/Weekend Per Hour +

Truck Mounted Auger Drill (Rubber Tires) Rates

Description Unit Rate
Drilling first 8 hours Per Hour (up to 8 hours) $
Drilling over 8 hours Per Hour +
Night/Weekend Per Hour +

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Minimum Charge Time (For All Rigs)

Local 4 Hours
Weekend / Nights 6 Hours
Province 8 Hours

Misc. Operations Expenses

Crew Travel Time Hotel / Site / Hotel Per Hour $
Accomodations Please call for quote. Per Night Variable
Support Vehicles eg. Supplies / Water / Grout Pump Per Day $

Auger Rig Mob and Demob (Per Day)

Please note night/weekend and minimum days mob fees are +25%
Abbotsford / Chilliwack $
Mission $
Agassiz/ Hope/ Surrey/Langley/ Maple Ridge/Deroche $
Vancouver/ Burnaby /Coquitlam / New Westminster $
White Rock / Delta /Pitt Meadows / Ladner $
North Van / Po. Co. / Port Moody / Richmond/ Tsawwassen / UBC / SW Marine $
West Vancouver $

Other destinations available upon request. Please call for Sonic mob/demob rates.

Terms of Reference for Site Investigation Services


  1. The contract is strictly between the Contractor and the party making the booking (consultant, contractor, owner). Any other arrangements must be made prior to mobilization if agreed upon by both parties.
  2. Equipment supply requirements shall be clearly listed by the Client prior to quotation. Changes in such requirements after the quotation will require changes to the quoted rates.
  3. All conditions of the work affecting cost shall be outlined by the Client prior to the quotation. In the event  of changes, rates affected by the changes are to be renegotiated prior to the commencement of work.
  4. In the event that a project is cancelled or altered after authorization is given to proceed, the Client is responsible for any costs incurred by the Contractor relating to preparing/mobilization for the project, as  well as cancellation charges where applicable.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all underground services are identified and located. The Client is responsible to direct the driller exactly where to start each drill hole to avoid any contact with  underground services. All remuneration for damages is the Clients responsibility.
  6. The Client is responsible for notifying the Contractor of any occupational health and safety issues prior to the commencement of the project.
  7. The Client shall reimburse the Contractor for all downhole equipment that is lost or broken.
  8. The Client shall reimburse the Contractor for all wear on downhole equipment at repair cost plus applicable mark up.
  9. Unless unit prices or fixed prices are quoted, all quotations are for work on a time and materials basis and will include mob/demob or travel time as well as overtime rates when they apply.
  10. The Client shall be responsible for the creation and retention or submission of all documents pertaining to the construction and closure of wells as required in the Ground Water Protection Regulation unless otherwise agreed. All drilling and hole closures will be done under the B.C. Ground Water Protection Regulations.
  11. The Client shall accept responsibility for any liability or actions arising from the undertaking of the requested work unless such liability or action results from negligence on the part of the Contractor or its employees.
  12. These terms or quotations supersede all prior agreements, correspondence and discussions, to the extent of any discrepancy.


Terms of Payment


  1. The Client will be deemed to have accepted and agreed with the invoiced amount, unless the amount is disputed within 7 days of receipt of the invoice.
  2. Payment in full is due within 60 days of the invoice date. Interest will be charged on all past due accounts.
  3. The Client is responsible for payment to the contractor regardless of the Client’s financial arrangements or terms of payment with other parties or their clients.