Sonic Drill Rigs

              Sonic AMS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sonic Max








Sonic Drilling

Truck Sonic

Auger Drill Rigs

Track Auger Drills (Bombardiers)

drilling-track-drillsWith the Track Drills we can do hollow stem and standard auger work along with SPT and DCPT testing. These drills can be backed up with a portable decon unit which can come along with the service truck upon request.

Truck Auger Drill

chilliwack-drilling-truck-drillThis drill offers comfort and ease to both driller and your field personnel. The truck is mounted with a double flashing light bar on the cab for safer roadside and highway drilling programs. Features this rig offers are an engineer – cab which has lights and heat for comfotable sample analysis and book work. Running water just outside the door with soap and towels. A large water tank is deck mounted along with a steam cleaner and a generator for power of 110 and 220V. We feature an on board wash water containment system which we can place into drums or dump in an area directed by your personnel.

The Truck Drill is set up for hollow stem and standard auger, along with an auto hammer for SPT and DCPT use.

                                                                  Atlas MR Mini Auger Drill

Limited Access/Low Clearance

Low clearance drilling limited access

Our new powerful Atlas  Mini Drill capable of drilling with Auger and Odex. Height clearance less than 8 ft attached to skid steer or excavator for tight, sloped or remote outdoor and indoor locations.  This unit can as well be wheeled   through a man door and be powered by auxiliary hydraulics through long lines thus keeping exhaust and engine noise out of the drilling area.


Support Trucks



ODEX is an excellent option when unconsolidated formations are too dense or cobbly for Auger Drilling. ODEX is a down-hole air hammer system that is designed to advance casing during drilling. Once a desired depth is reached, the bit can be retrieved leaving the casing in place for sampling or installations.

When the bore-hole is complete, the casing is retrieved.


  • Rapid removal of cuttings;
  • No use of drilling mud;
  • High penetration rate, especially in resistant rock formation (e.g. basalt);
  • Easy soil and groundwater sampling during drilling;
  • Possible to measure yield estimate at selected depth in the formation (e.g. filtration testing or pump testing).
  • Advantageous in unconsolidated formations with a high risk of caving (this is probably the most important feature).

Rig Dimensions

Truck Drill
Length 27 ft
Length w/mast 31 ft
Width 9 ft
Height 10 ft
Mast up 17.5 ft
Off set of CPT pushing and anchor 29 inches

Track Drill
Length 15 ft
Length w/mast overhang 20 ft
Width 8 ft
Height 10 ft
Mast up 17.5 ft

Sonic Haul Truck  AMS
Length 40 ft
Width 9 ft
Height w/out Sonic 8.5 ft
Height w/Sonic 14 ft

Sonic Rig AMS
Length of rig (mast down) 18 ft
Length of tracks 9 ft
Width 10 ft
Width of rubber tracks 7 ft
Width of each track 18 in
Width of outrigger to outrigger 7.5 ft
Height (mast down) 9 ft
Height (mast up) 19 ft
* Minimum ceiling height is 19 ft *